J.O. Spice Company, Inc. gets reviews, comments and testimonials from retail and wholesale clients in the Maryland area and beyond about how great our spices and seasonings are and most recently about our new custom laser engraving of personalized crab mallets. Below are a few of these comments and testimonials.

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J.O. Spice Company Inc.
Average rating:  
 61 reviews
by John Raum on J.O. Spice Company Inc.
Seasoning In eastern Europe
City & State: Minsk, Belarus

My fiancé is from Belarus so last month I traveled there to meet her family and brought your seasoning as a gift to her family. They loved it and put it on all of their seafood. Great way to give a piece of Maryland to her family in Eastern Europe

by Google Review by Lori Bowen on J.O. Spice Company Inc.
We absolutely love J.O. spice!
City & State: Halethorpe, MD

We absolutely love J.O. spice! Their assortment of spices are amazing. They are a family owned business for over 75 years located in Baltimore Maryland. When you order steam crabs in a restaurant, that’s the spice that most restaurants use “JO Spice”. Their online store offers so many unique items great for gifts for any occasion. We have been buying our crab spice from J.O. For over 35 years. We are proud to say that Ginger, Brittney and all the gang are like family. Thank you for always taking care of us ❤️?????

by Facebook Review by Doug Ayd on J.O. Spice Company Inc.
Best Crab Seasoning Out There

The best crab seasoning out there! Would love to see you do a wing sauce like you know who did.

by Facebook Review by Tabatha Kliebert Hohenberger on J.O. Spice Company Inc.
Awesome Run Company
City & State: Carroll County, MD

Awesome family owner and run company. They treat their employees like family. They are a lot of fun to be around

by Facebook review by Jerry Hunter on J.O. Spice Company Inc.
Best Dam Seasoning
City & State: Queenstown, MD

best dam seasoning I ever ate
and very nice people to deal with
l have known them for 30 years

by Judy R. on J.O. Spice Company Inc.
I love their spices
City & State: Silver Spring, MD

I love their spices and stopped by to look inside get some great crab and shrimp spices. The staff were really nice and they have all these cute crab themed items.

I bought a cheese board with a crab on the bottom and a crabby key chain. Of course 3 bottles of spice.

If you get a chance to go by definitely stop in !!!

by Cindy on J.O. Spice Company Inc.
City & State: BALTIMORE, MD

J.O.'s made the cutest Crab Mallets for my wedding favors. I just love them!!!

by Google review by Kate mattingly on J.O. Spice Company Inc.
Great Store!
City & State: Halethorpe, MD

OMG, what a great store! The staff was very friendly and extremely helpful. Can't wait to go back!!

by Lisa Seeney on J.O. Spice Company Inc.
Amazing Customer Service
City & State: Halethorpe, MD

J.O. Spice was amazing to work with. I can't recommend them enough. They created mallets and spice packets for my sons wedding, with only 2 weeks before the wedding and they made sure it was exactly what we wanted, doing several revisions. If you are looking for a company to customize spices and accessories don't hesitate, use J.O. Spice, they will not disappoint you. Their customer service is above and beyond most companies and such a joy to work with. Call them today. 🙂

by Facebook Review by Jennifer on J.O. Spice Company Inc.
City & State: Maryland

Not only does it make all seafoods better, it’s terrific on corn, popcorn, and cantaloupe!

by Facebook Review by Morgan on J.O. Spice Company Inc.
Maryland Themed Wedding
City & State: Maryland

JO Spice Company was the perfect company to make our wedding favors. Our wedding was a Maryland themed wedding and we wanted to give our guests crab mallets and seafood seasoning for the favors to go along with our theme. After doing some research I found that JO Spice did mallets and also made seasoning packets and they had the best price out of all the companies I looked at. It was super easy to order them and I was able to pick them up at their warehouse when they were completed which wasn’t only a few days after I ordered them. I exchanged a few emails back and forth with the JO staff and told them exactly what I wanted and they were able to send me a proof within a few hours. I approved the proof for production and like I said they were completed so quickly! Communication with their staff was great and I have no complaints at all! When we picked them up they were absolutely perfect and were exactly what I wanted. They looked beautiful on our tables at our wedding and we received so many compliments about them from our guests! I’m so glad we used JO Spice as they are a small Maryland business and fit perfectly with our Maryland themed wedding! I absolutely recommend if you’re looking for these types of favors for your wedding or event you won’t be disappointed with JO Spice Company!

by Facebook Review by Myrna on J.O. Spice Company Inc.
Keep up the good work
City & State: Maryland

I have been using the fish and shrimp batter ever since I lived in Maryland several years ago. I order at least 3 times a year, yes we eat a lot of fish and shrimp. I am so glad it is available online. Your batter is even better than my homemade recipe and a whole lot easier. Keep up the good work.

by Google Review by Lisa Seeney on J.O. Spice Company Inc.
J.O. Spice was amazing to work with
City & State: Maryland

J.O. Spice was amazing to work with. I can't recommend them enough. They created mallets and spice packets for my sons wedding, with only 2 weeks before the wedding and they made sure it was exactly what we wanted, doing several revisions. If you are looking for a company to customize spices and accessories don't hesitate, use J.O. Spice, they will not disappoint you. Their customer service is above and beyond most companies and such a joy to work with. Call them today. 🙂

by Google Review by Kate Mattingly on J.O. Spice Company Inc.
OMG, what a great store!
City & State: Maryland

OMG, what a great store! The staff was very friendly and extremely helpful. Can't wait to go back!!

by Google Review by William on J.O. Spice Company Inc.
Staff is always so helpful!!
City & State: Maryland

Staff is always so helpful!! Great place for Christmas presents, custom engraved items and all kind of crabby decor!!

by Yelp Review by FranknSue P. on J.O. Spice Company Inc.
Customer service is second to none
City & State: Holbrook NY

First of all... I own a retail fish market on Long Island and have been using J. O for years.

Mallets are top notch, crab steam pots are quality, custom oyster knives are fantastic, private label spices are professionally done, bay country bulk spice blows the doors off of old Bay and the breading and batters are a huge hit in my shop.

Turn around time is rediculously fast. (two days and it's at my door).

Customer service is second to none... Seriously the nicest people to do business with.

by Yelp Review by TR on J.O. Spice Company Inc.
Top-notch operation
City & State: Columbia, Maryland

Top-notch operation. Ordered personalized mallets and they were ready the same day I finalized the artwork. Kathleen was so helpful and that woman has patience! She even went in the back to make me an UTZ girl mallet while I waited because they had run out in the gift shop. They have the cutest stuff. Make sure you have time to look around when you go! Haven't had their crab seasoning, but I was hungry when I pulled into the parking lot and got a whiff of it. Prices of the mallets and the other items I bought were reasonable. Annnnnnnnddddd... they can personalize anything! If you're a MD/crab lover and want something just for you or as a gift, this is the place! Can't wait to give the mallets to everyone at our charity event!

by Yelp Review by Cathy D. on J.O. Spice Company Inc.
This is the BEST place in Maryland!
City & State: Owings Mills, MD

This is the BEST place in Maryland! The employees treat you like FAMILY! They explain, they show, they deliver AND they stay late after hours!!!! Thanks Kathleen and Brittany you are truly appreciated and my cousin from Miami appreciates you as well!!!

by Yelp Review by Heidi F. on J.O. Spice Company Inc.
Custom Crab Mallets
City & State: Catonsville, MD

Ordered mallets for an event and everything went great. I worked with Ginger for the order and got a great product! Easy pick up was very helpful!

by Yelp Review by Dan D. on J.O. Spice Company Inc.
This stuff is off the hook!
City & State: Nottingham, MD

My brother-in-law turned my wife and I onto JO a few years back and we've never gone back to the other big brand. This stuff is off the hook! No comparison.

by Carolina Olsson on J.O. Spice Company Inc.
Great Company Excellent Service!

We were on a tight deadline to create a new product including custom engraved mallets with our logo. The team at JO Spice was VERY helpful, got me a sample VERY fast and we were so pleased we ordered the same day! The mallets came within a week and are selling well in our store. Will be keeping a great working relationship with this one 🙂

by Melissa & Joe Windsor on J.O. Spice Company Inc.
Crab mallets & spice seasoning
City & State: Hughesville, MD

We ordered the crab mallets and spice seasoning packets for our wedding favors. Everyone loved them!! Our guests have been sending us pictures of them using the mallets! Customer service was excellent and very friendly to work with. Thank you Pamela!!

by Roger on J.O. Spice Company Inc.
Crab Soup mix
City & State: Houston, TX

I made the crab soup mix for my relatives visiting from the Dallas / Ft Worth area and it passed with flying colors. I embellished some with extra JO crab spice and added a few more vegetables. It is tough to find blue crab in Houston to throw into the soup, but everyone gave it a thumbs up. Going back for seconds was validation.

by Patrick on J.O. Spice Company Inc.
Better than Old Bay
City & State: Woodbine, Md

When people tell me they love old bay on their crabs, I look at them and have to tell them that most crab shacks use J.O. Spice! They're always in disbelief as Old Bay is more well known, but when it comes to seafood spices...I always choose J.O.

by Lindsey on J.O. Spice Company Inc.
Senior Prom Favors
City & State: Baltimore Maryland

The students and faculty loved the prom favors. They came out great and students said they were excited to use them this summer!

by Gail Dutton on J.O. Spice Company Inc.
BlueCrab's best friend
City & State: Bel Alton, MD

I have been eating crabs for 45 years and cooking them for about 35 of those years. A lifelong friend and fellow crabber gave me some JO Spices to try on my crabs. WOW. The flavor was awesome. Stays on the crabs well and great on your fingers while picking crabs! I am a JO Spice fan!

by Ally Lancaster on J.O. Spice Company Inc.
City & State: Baltimore, MD

We ordered J.O. Spice crab mallets as a unique gift for the guests of a dinner our association was hosting. The whole J.O. Spice team was professional and timely with the entire process. It was also amazing how close they were, so we could save a bit on shipping and pick up the mallets directly in-store. The quality of both the mallets and engraving were superb. The mallets were a huge hit for all the guests and we are so happy that with the help of J.O. Spice we were able to make it a memorable evening for all.

by Pat Reese on J.O. Spice Company Inc.
J.O. Spice
City & State: Crsifield, MD

We have used J.O. Spice on our steamed crabs for many years. Our customers are always pleased as it makes our prepared foods the best that they can be. - Pat Reese of Crab Dynasty

by Tobi Guy on J.O. Spice Company Inc.
Crab Feast Rehearsal Dinner
City & State: Mechanicsville, Maryland

Ordered personalized crab mallets, crab spice, crab knives to make a "crab themed" gift basket for attendees to my son's wedding rehearsal dinner. The basket, and especially the mallets were a hit. Courteous service, fast delivery and pleasant staff to work with. Highly recommend using them. Check out their personalized products!

by Patrick on J.O. Spice Company Inc.
JO CRAB Mallets
City & State: Towson MD

J.O. Spice provided me with an amazing gift for my sister's wedding! I wanted to give her something that would be meaningful to both her husband and her, but something she could also use and what better than crab mallets! Everyone was extremely nice, and they even sat down with me, and suggested designs that she would like. I appreciated her help, and I know my sister loved her gift too! J.O. Spice really is more than just a spice company...they are a business with their hearts in the right place!

by Jeff Hampton on J.O. Spice Company Inc.
Great steamed shrimp
City & State: Needmore, Pa.

I recently had steamed shrimp at Harrison's Harborwatch in O.C. Maryland at their raw bar, and they were absolutely delicious!! I knew it wasn't Old Bay, so I asked about the seasoning. The bartender said it was J.O's. Old Bay is certainly a classic, but for me, J.O's. has it beat!! It's J.O's. for me from now on!!

by Sue-Ellen on J.O. Spice Company Inc.
JO Spice Rocks
City & State: Mechanicsville, Md

Pleasant,friendly and very helpful service. You can not find that anywhere anymore!

Keep up the good work. Ginger your the best!

by Kristen P on J.O. Spice Company Inc.
In Love
City & State: Hughesville, MD

After great debate as to what we wanted for favors at our upcoming wedding in June, we finally decided on customized crab mallets. As lifelong crab lovers we are super excited that JO Spice (with superb assistance from Ginger) was able to create such a masterpiece that represents a huge part of our Maryland culture. This favor will be one that our family and friends can continue to use for crab seasons to come!

by marty lang on J.O. Spice Company Inc.
J O Spices
City & State: Balto.

J O Spices is the place to go to get the spices you need to complete all of your favorite dishes.Their spices can make and meal you prepare taste out of this world. From crab seasoning to crab cakes or crab soups they have it all,and they also have many other items from decorations to t-shirts .If you can't find what you need at JO Spices then you most likely don't need it, stop by and check their whole line of supplies and you will be glad you did!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Chris Skeen on J.O. Spice Company Inc.
Best Spice on Earth
City & State: Halethorpe MD

J.O. Has the best mallets on earth. I don't know who engraves them, but she is awesome at what she does. Hopefully one day I can get a custom mallet for my self! J.O. Has amazing employees and two great people running it ( Donald and Ginger). I've always used Old bay growing up, but ever sence I found J.O. I have never turned back!!!

by Robert Tull on J.O. Spice Company Inc.
JO Spice
City & State: Silver spring Md 20905

I have used JO spice for years great product at a good price for those of you who don't know Old Bay has cinnamon and a lot of people are allergic to that, the spices I use from JO do not appear to have cinnamon because they do not effect me in an adverse way as old bay does, try some on popcorn

by Kaitlin on J.O. Spice Company Inc.
City & State: Odenton, MD

We ordered customized crab mallets for our wedding and they are absolutely spectacular! Ginger walked me through the whole process and everything was done in a professional, timely manner. The mallets are fantastic and the customer service was phenomenal.

by Lauren on J.O. Spice Company Inc.
City & State: Lawrenceville, Ga

Love this product to the moon and back!! I have loved this product since my dad was using it when I was younger. Now as a adult I begin to incorporate this spice in everything I eat. Pretzels, all seafood, boiled peanuts, steak, pasta/rice and the list goes on! Can't live without a little spice in your life!!

by Donna Williams on J.O. Spice Company Inc.
Love J.O. Spice
City & State: Catonsville MD

Love the products. Even get it for family living out of state. The crew in the store are wonderful and will help to satisfy your needs and requests.

by Chris Davis on J.O. Spice Company Inc.
Come on Crab Season!
City & State: Baltimore, md

I use to always use old bay seasoning, but a family member turned us on to J.O. Spice last summer, and I will never go back! It's great on everything! My husband made chicken on the grill the other day and made a marinade out of the J.O. Spice and it was excellent! I'm a huge fan and can't wait to see the new store! Thanks!

by John Sykes on J.O. Spice Company Inc.
Love J.O. Spice
City & State: Cary, NC

I have always loved J.O. Spice. Our family has been using it for over 40 years as our special crab seasoning. I can't think about steaming crabs without it. J.O. Spice will continue to be a leader in the #1 Crab Spice in the USA.

by Amy Jones on J.O. Spice Company Inc.
City & State: Harrington, DE

I have had a great customer experience with JO Spice. It started with using their crab seasoning which is great! Not only is it good for crabs but also in other seafood receipes. A few years ago I ordered custom crab mallets as a favor for our guests at our wedding rehearsal dinner. They turned out great and everyone loves them. I have also ordered additional crab mallets as a wedding gift for a good friend. The quality and service from JO Spice is outstanding! I will continue to be a regular customer in the future.

by paul simms on J.O. Spice Company Inc.
City & State: Pasadena md

Ive been using #2 crab seasoning for over 20 years! By far it is the best crab seasoning Ive ever used and will continue to use.

by Mary Leavell on J.O. Spice Company Inc.
City & State: Greensboro, md

JO spice can't be beat. Used by lots of family members and friends, even ordering from out of state. Love the way it flavors so many different types of food from seafood to veggies to fries, etc etc etc. crab jewelry is also very nice!

by Marianne on J.O. Spice Company Inc.
Wedding Mallets
City & State: Abingdon, MD

We are so happy with our mallets and absolutely cannot wait to give them to our guests as favors for our upcoming wedding. They were engraved and shipped so fast. Not only am I satisfied with the product, but I am also satisfied with the professional service I received.

by Kathrina Miranda on J.O. Spice Company Inc.
City & State: Sunnyvale

Our client loved their order of 300 custom engraved mallets. Thank you for your superior customer service, speedy delivery and high quality products. We will definitely refer and use you for our future events.

by Sandra on J.O. Spice Company Inc.
Great Job!
City & State: Silver Spring, Md

We are thrilled with our mallets and can't wait to give them to our party guests at out wedding on the bay! Thank you for helping us to create a truly unique gift for our wedding!

by Denise wright on J.O. Spice Company Inc.
J.O.Spice is nice
City & State: New Windsor, MD

Love j.o.spice it is great on everything, not just crabs corn, burgers, Mac salad potato salad, you get the idea! Haven't found anything it is not good on!

by Brian O'Sullivan on J.O. Spice Company Inc.
Love J.O. Spice and all the other crabby items
City & State: N Potomac

We love J.O. #2 on our crabs and buy it in 25# boxes! We have converted a number of friends to J.O. Recently we have come to enjoy all of the new crabby items - jewelry, decorations, signs and artwork. We are huge fans of J.O. Spice! Looking forward to customized items for a family reunion this summer!

by Robin Bowman on J.O. Spice Company Inc.
J.O. is the BEST
City & State: Westminster,MD

My husband and I have pushed Old Bay aside and will only use J.O. now. Best season for our crabs, corn, chicken, and other creations we manage to discover with J.O. I have got my daughter hooked! She carries a little container around in her purse (a little travel pack) so she can use J.O. wherever she goes! J.O. is the absolute best!!!

by Steve Odette on J.O. Spice Company Inc.
Great Service & Quality
City & State: Laurel, MD

My wife and I have purchased many personalized items for gifts for family and friends which have all been a big hit. The quality and workmanship of the items were excellent. The custom cutting boards were the biggest hit of all. One of our many favorites from the spices is the #2 crab seasoning. We are spreading the word about how great your products & service is to all of our family, friends & co-workers. They can't wait to see what we come up with next. What a joy! Keep up the great work and it's been a real pleasure doing business with you.

by Jane Stack on J.O. Spice Company Inc.
Beautiful Jewelry
City & State: Laurel Maryland

My sister purchased matching crab necklaces for the women in our family from JO Spice. The necklaces are beautiful and the perfect accessory to wear to a crab feast!

by Koran Thompson on J.O. Spice Company Inc.
Great Family Business
City & State: Indian Head, MD

I thought the days of real customer service was gone. To walk into a business and be embraced like you have know each other for years is a real treat! Even shopping online (because I live more than an hour away) feels like emailing a friend. The products are fresh, incredible and made with love. Shipping is quick and packing is great. What a treat right to your front door. My favorite is the Garlic J.O. Seasoning. I use mostly on shrimp with butter and popcorn! Can't wait until the grand opening of the retail store!

by Barbara Knight on J.O. Spice Company Inc.
Great service!
City & State: Glen Burnie, MD

I have purchased many things from JO over the years. We get all our crab spice from there for steamed crabs; I've ordered T-shirts, jewelry, personalized mallets, and most recently, personalized mugs. I've always received personal service at 100% efficiency and everyone is always so pleasant. I absolutely can't wait to see the new store. I know it will be an absolute success because if who is behind the scenes. You guys are just awesome!!!

by Stephanie Zerhusen on J.O. Spice Company Inc.
City & State: Linthiucm, MD

A coworker and I purchased custom mallets for our company crab feast and everyone loved them. I recently purchased a custom etched cutting board that I think is great!!! Everyone is so helpful and very nice. Love your products!!

by Wendy on J.O. Spice Company Inc.
Thank you
City & State: Severn, MD

The crab mallets you made for our company crab feast are great. We love how they turned out. Thank you so much.

by Sarah on J.O. Spice Company Inc.
Thank you so much!
City & State: Maryland

We got the mallets yesterday and we LOVE them! Thank you so much!

They are going to look wonderful on our tables.:)

I will definitely recommend you to everyone who asks 🙂

by Bonita on J.O. Spice Company Inc.
Thanks for making a wonderful product!!
City & State: Pennsylvania

Thanks for making a wonderful product.!! I go crabbing all season long and catch many crabs and everyone just loves my crabs!! Thanks J.O.

by Bobby on J.O. Spice Company Inc.
JO Is The Real Stuff
City & State: Port Tobacco MD

We live on JO #2 in my family. We use it all summer cooking crabs of course, but it also gets sprinkled on everything - corn, shrimp, veggies, burgers - even popcorn......... I have been telling people for years JO is the real stuff, that "other" seasoning is for tourists!!

by Kim on J.O. Spice Company Inc.
Excellent Service!
City & State: Virginia Beach, VA

I ordered some #2 crab spice from your web site on 9/14 and received the pkg on 9/16. First, I want to say, excellent service! Secondly, I had to send a note to tell you how awesome your product is! I've been sitting at my desk after receiving the pkg and keep dipping into the bottle of spice, it's irresistible. No wonder my Dad always said he preferred J.O. seasoning on his crabs. I'm from Baltimore and as with most people up there, steamed crabs were pretty much a staple in our lives.

Down here in Virginia I can't find good steamed crabs so we've resorted to buying live crabs and steaming them ourselves using another Maryland crab seasoning, but now, after ordering from J.O., we will again enjoy Maryland style steamed crabs. I can't wait until the weekend! Thanks for a great product and for keeping up the family tradition, both in your family and mine 🙂

by Kathy on J.O. Spice Company Inc.
City & State: Bel Air, MD

It was a perfect day for an outdoor wedding and all the guests LOVED the mallets as favors. There were none left behind.

Usually when the guests want the bride & groom to kiss, they tap a knife or spoon against a glass. Well, they used the mallets to bang on the tables instead! Glad they didn't use the mallets to tap on the glasses!

There were 7 children at the wedding ranging in age from babes in arms to about 13. I only worried the toddlers and younger kids would whack each other on the head. It never dawned on me that the adults would find a mischievous use for the mallets:)

Honestly, the entire wedding was everything a parent wants for their children (29 & 33 years old children???) and the mallets added to the décor and the entertainment.

I will send you pictures as soon as I get them and again thank you all so very much for adding this very special touch to a very special day!! J O SPICE IS AWESOME!!!


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